An informal survey of randomly selected, close personal friends with varying degrees of bias may or may not have said the following:

“Geeta is a very good artist.” “Her stick figures are so lifelike, it’s like looking at a real stick.”

“She’s an amazing writer & storyteller. If only one tenth of what I read in her personal diary is true, then she must never, ever find out I once read her private journal.”

“One of Geeta’s stories made me laugh, then cry and then laugh again. I was so conflicted emotionally that I had to sleep with my brother’s husband, just to find myself again.”

“I’ve only known Geeta for ten minutes and I already want to marry her… or a least get a date with one or more of her fictional characters.”

“Funny, vivacious, soulful, thought provoking, compelling, relevant, brave, playful and QTPOC comics makin’ badass are all part of a tedious list of adjectives”.

Don’t just take my word for it. Look them up. They’re all on the internet.