Why am I so focused on QTPOC Comics?

I love comics and I love storytelling.
It may not be common knowledge to the average ComicCon attendee but; even in the 21st century, when it comes to sequential art, there are stories left untold. There are voices left unheard. There are people left unseen.
And all to often, it’s Queer and Transgender People of Color who are erased from the narratives of adventure, romance, slice of life or any other genre.
Let me be clear. I want to feature QTPOC characters & stories. I’m not interested in erasing anyone else. So, if you need more explanation than that, I suggest you check out a several BLM meetings before you get back to me.
I’m sure there are lots of talented people out there who may want to collaborate with me on something. But, I’m not soliciting any artists or writers until I can pay them. Not paying for talent is BULL $#!T.
The mission here is simple. I’m going to create something with the look and feel of old school comics, but I’m going to queer them up and add more color.
This is going to be fun   –   Geeta Lewis